Cheetah: street name for a poison that slows the perception of time to the point of increased reflexes and at the same time is a powerful stimulant. Often causes people to run themselves to death. Occasionally mixed with hallucinogenic plants for added effect.

Gall: named after the bravado and confidence taking this chalky chew instills, gall is something of a designer drug made from a mix of various traditional herbs in concentrated form. Often taken with alcohol

Mystic: street name for a drug plant that causes intense delusions that lead to a belief in spirituality. The indigenous merfolk in the ocean near the city use it for rituals. Too much usage will remove you from a connection to reality in itself and if connecting to an actual god, will often lead to an alarming connection between divine and mortal.

Chorus: A very rare parasite that, when attached to the spine of someone, will communicate about things it perceives from its 1000 eyes and in colors no mortal could comprehend. Considered a deliriant, usage often leads to an incredibly deeper understanding of reality and awareness. The parasite must be removed after an hour at the most or it will fully attach and the mortal and parasite will become one, and the mortal will grow horrific eyes out of their face, and become something known as an Oracle. They speak in a flow of pure information and sometimes can be used to divine truths after speaking with it. An Oracle will not live for long because the mortal body and mind was not meant to withstand such chaos.


Cattlebranch: a more hedge witch style drug than a street drug. Cattlebranch is a plant eaten by cows when they are hurt out in the field. Is similar to opium in effect but is less addictive. Needs to be chewed for a long period of time so it never gained much popularity as a street drug. Mostly used by healers to help people pass.

Shelter: street name for a vine that grows on the salty coastline that causes a light dissociation from reality and a gentle feeling of safety. Extremely addictive depending on a person’s emotional status, but generally doesn’t cause a true disruption in the day-to-day functioning of the user.


Ghost: a strange salt that, when dissolved in water and drunk, causes hallucinations of non-existant people and voices. Not very addictive but those who use it use it consistently; everyone else steers clear.



Haze: a purplish-blue ditch weed that leads to a hazy, relaxing mindset.


Psychoactive Fungi: readily found in the tropical humidity in nearby forests or in old buildings.

Dreamleaf: a strange three pronged leaf from a shrub made into a decoction that is rubbed all over the face and body and left to dry. Once it absorbs into the skin the user is dropped out of reality into a space of geometric patterns and audio distortion. Time ceases to be a concept; while the drug lasts for all of twenty minutes, it feels like it has been in effect for hours. Will turn you a light shade of green if used too often.

Cannonbark: normally the bark of the Cannonbark tree is used to construct the sturdy bases of field and coastal cannons, but it can also be mashed into a pulp and applied to a cut or wound to produce a profound meditative experience. While non-addictive, those who use it often actively use it. They are often seen wearing long sleeves, even in hotter weather, due to the cuts all over their body used for application. Leads to a lot of gangrenous skin.


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