The Burning City sits on the seaside, the Great Forge’s black smoke licking the sky. The Burning City is an old Dwarven port that turned into one of the largest manufacturers of iron and steel goods thanks to a collaborative Dwarven and Elven effort to build the Great Forge. The city is capable of being defended from the coast by bunkers with cannons inside, and large walls on the main land sides, and is largely protected from the rest of the world by the end of a mountain range.

The City sits in the middle of a cold war between the reigning Dynasty that control the country the City is technically part of, and the People’s Revolution. The City, however, does its absolute best to remain neutral as a trade port and also to avoid the chaos of war. Obviously there is no way to do this truly and spies for both sides slink around the city, watching and waiting and trying to garner support.

While the City does have weak farmland outside the South End walls, the majority of food is imported. The rocky, sandy coastal region is not the greatest for large scale farming, unfortunately. A production town of hard workers focused on blacksmithing, engineering, and general production and labor work, the people of the City are as rough-hewn as Dwarves comes. Mixed populations of Elves (largely visiting), Humans (showing up in supposedly increasing numbers), and various other races, add to the trade-town culture. Half of the city is focused towards merchant life and the other is production – and class structure causes tensions every now and then.

Drug use and alcoholism run rampant in the city, and it doesn’t take long to find generally anything you want, and with all the foreign trade coming in and out of the port, smuggling is a popular career field.

The mountains nearby hold plenty of fresh ore to dig in the ever-winding mines inside of it, which keeps the coinage flowing.

Adventurers camp outside of the South Gate in a rotating tent-city, infamous for trade of rare goods. The City Council tries to keep Adventurers and their type out of the city because of the sheer danger of allowing them in, and all who do enter are watched by City Observers. It’s said that if you can’t find something among the back stalls of the port, or in the dark alleys of the labor district, you can certainly find it among the eclectic assortment of delvers, divers, sorcerers, and wanders of the tent-city.

The core of the campaign setting revolves around a picaresque manner of play focused on The Burning City. The characters start poor and generally stay poor. This is an urban campaign and deals potentially with drugs, murder, thievery, and far too many politics. A setting for rogues, those along the Neutral line are most likely to find a niche, though Evil has its place. Good doesn’t survive here for long.

The Burning City