Gangs of the Burning City

The various neighborhoods of the City, as with many, are often under the watch or control of gangs. Most are generally harmless – poor kids with no motivation – but some of them are serious groups with ties to illegal activities. Many are in a constant war with one another.

Rust Kings: a gang that runs the majority of the industrial districts underground trade, the Rust Kings are often feuding with their neighbors in the Workers’ District. They wear lots of brown leather and carry only rusted, iron weapons that are kept sharp. When available they wear crimson-colored accents, such as shoes or gloves.

The Labor Union: A misleading name for the gang that rolls around most of the Workers’ District. The WD is almost all residential, so the Union is surprisingly large. Mostly kids of workers who have given up on school or don’t care to pursue a trade, the Union is a messy collaboration of smaller neighborhood gangs that sometimes have infighting over various streets. They’re known for Strolling, which is a slow, acrobatic rambling through larger stretches of street. Slightly obsessive about territory. While they often handle drug trade, they are all small-time. Many mark their neighborhood affiliations with arm bands.

Bunker Slugs: an unofficial name for the informal yet accepted structure among the beggars of the city. The name comes from the fact that the majority of the City’s homeless and lost sleep in the large bunkers that protect the coastline. The City Council is aware of this but generally ignores it as the bunkers are not being used and it keeps the city “tidy”. If you need information, the more well known members of the beggar underground are the people to see.

Shiprats: a port-based gang that functions like a familial mafia. They have secret rituals and signs and generally control the underground trade among both ends of the port and boardwalk. Many merchants pay them a cut to keep certain things quiet. Most are ex-sailors and longshoremen who were removed from work for being too violent, and if the gangs had a body count, the Shiprats would be winning. The Shiprats generally dress as they work(ed), working class laborer uniforms indistinguishable from most of the other workers outside of identifiable tattoos.

The Rich Shits: a pejorative name for the fraternal groups of wandering men from the rich northern side of town that wander into the merchant and boardwalk districts. Often violent and bored, these usually-teenagers largely tend towards property damage and alcohol consumption as well as assault towards tourists and the homeless. Most folk in the City turn a blind eye when these loose groups get beaten down and chased by more proper gangs in the City.

The Radish Farmers’ Guild: a joke of a name, the Radish Farmers’ Guild is comprised of merchants who deal with land-based smuggling and illicit trade. The name comes from the fact that the major food source from the farms outside the walls are radishes. Actual farmers outside the walls don’t find the name very funny, though few if any people even know of the “Guild”.

Gangs of the Burning City

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